Dr. Norman Thie

Practice of Oral Medicine


Limited to:

TMD/Accident Injury Claims/Dental Sleep Apnea

Suite 301, 2603 Hewes Way
Edmonton AB T6L 6W6

Located within Align Orthodontics
Phone: 780.485.5574
Fax: 780.461.3895


First Visit



While we thank you for choosing our office, we do require a written referral from either your medical physician or general dentist. Any referral documents should be emailed, mailed or faxed to our office prior to your initial examination being scheduled.

Click here to download a referral form to be completed by your referring physician.

Scheduling and Cancellations

Please contact our office to coordinate a time for Dr. Thie to designate his time for your initial examination. We provide ongoing scheduling in the event that the appointment time you would like to reserve is not available; we can contact you with a sooner if available time.

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time with Dr. Thie to introduce yourself to our Scheduling Coordinators and to complete a medical history

Please schedule your time to be in our office for 1 hour to complete your initial examination

We have reserved a special time for you, for each of your appointments with Dr. Thie. In order to accommodate all of Dr. Thie’s patients, please provide us with 24 hours notice to change or cancel an appointment

Financial Arrangements

Dr. Thie prides himself in providing a thorough and investigative approach to diagnosing your treatment needs. He will ensure that any practitioner who referred you receives a full descriptive diagnosis and treatment outline in formal written correspondence. Dr. Thie and your Treatment Coordinator will provide consultation and present you with a portfolio with full detailed diagnosis and treatment needs for your review. Consultation Fees will be reviewed with you at the time of scheduling your initial examination

We believe that all of our patients are entitled to comfort and health, and we can assist you in making that possible.  We offer payment methods; which include Debit, Visa, MasterCard and personal Cheque


Should you or a family member have private dental insurance, we would be happy to assist you in completing all the necessary paperwork; pre-authorizations and treatment claims. This will allow for a reimbursement to you from your dental benefits for the services provided in our practice.

For Reimbursement, please provide:

  • The name of the Insurance Company
  • Subscriber's full name
  • Subscriber's date of birth
  • Subscriber group number
  • Subscriber identification number

We accept multiple insurance benefits

Should your treatment with Dr. Thie be as a result of a motor vehicle accident, we would be happy to coordinate on your behalf, benefits with any auto insurance or legal supplement. These approvals will be sought prior to your scheduled initial examination

We thank you for your inquiry, however we are not affiliated with any Workplace Compensation Board (WCB) claims